I searched on [search engine] for parking near my office but the address for the parking lot was wrong! The entrance was around the corner, so I ended up being late because I had to drive around searching. Next time I'll use ParkingCarma to find a place to park!

Keely - Downtown Chicago Commuter

Together with ParkingCarma, we are leading the way in providing parking consumers with the most convenient, location-based parking experience through our smartphone applications.

Nick Capizzani - Mobile Parking Apps

..This program [Reservations through] will help reduce congestion by making transit a more practical and convenient travel option and getting vehicles off the road. We are always on the lookout for successful innovative ideas and smart parking technology is certainly one of those.

Will Kempton - Director California Department of Transportation

PURCS Members

PURCS Members
PURCS Members
How to Add and Edit Parking Sites


Expand from PARCS to PURCS (Parking Usage Recognition and Customer affinity focused Systems). We give you tools to better reach your customers

Mobile Log-In


Our Self-Provisioning service is a NO-COST opportunity to attract new parking customers to your properties NOW!

  • Easily register* your parking properties, including location, inventory capacity, and pricing.
  • Maintaining your properties provides great information and better accuracy for your customers.
  • ParkingCarma data is fed to mobile parking applications like and large search engines like Google.
  • We bring you new parking business through online and mobile visibility and can easily enable reservations online for a small transaction fee.

*Creating account is required to access benefits.


Easy DIY Reservation set-up instantly gives your customers online and mobile access to your parking spots. Benefits include:

  • Pre-sale of parking for: daily parking, events and even monthly!
  • Real-time provider reservation notifications
  • Reservation usage and collection reporting
  • Daily reservation usage display for location pre-planning.
  • Allow customers to use credit cards in advance for cash-only locations.
  • Parking Manager sets the spot price which will include a small transaction fee. Your new customer pays ParkingCarma a convenience fee.
  • Charge a premium for your impacted locations or use discounts to drive business to an under utilized property.
Reservation Ticket

Example of a dash pass that is emailed once a reservation is made through a mobile app or on the computer.

Asset Resource Management Systems (ARMS)

Integration into multiple systems (Paid Services)

  • Gate Integration - Allows operation for automated parking systems (i.e. Barcode Check In/Check Out)
  • Real-Time Availability - reporting and broadcasting via web and mobile.
  • Inventory Reporting - Equips parking management to improve utilization and logistics
  • Usage Reporting - Set-up customer profiles and monitor the loyalty of your customers, giving opportunity for discount at your discretion.
  • Benefits parking management companies by introducing online utilization and inventory management
Real-Time Availability

Real-time availablity on your users' mobile device.

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