Why should I use ParkingCarma?

Preliminary estimates suggest that space sharing can increase the number of available parking spots by 15 to 40 percent in many areas.

Have you been late for a meeting because you were circling around trying to find a parking spot, received a ticket, or had to dig under your seat to find an extra 50 cents to pay for a parking meter? If so, then you'll appreciate ParkingCarma.

ParkingCarma will bring many benefits to Consumers, Parking Space Owners and Managers, Cities, and The Environment.

Consumers will benefit from:

  • -Increased availability of parking in dense retail and residential communities
  • -Information and access to parking spaces when and where they need it
  • -Flexibility and convenience through reserved spots
  • -Cashless billing through major credit cards or mobile phone carrier

Parking Space Owners and Managers will benefit from:

  • -Increased parking revenue
  • -Utilization of under-used spaces
  • -Increased value of parking spots

Cities and Communities will benefit from:

  • -Additional parking space without adding new infrastructure or increasing urban sprawl
  • -Reduced traffic congestion and pollution
  • -Increased parking revenue
  • -Useable real-world data for city planning
  • -Revenue-sharing opportunities that give back to the neighborhood and help strengthen the local community

The Environment will benefit from:

  • -Decreased vehicle emissions which add to green house gases
  • -Less fossil fuels used as drivers spend less time searching for spaces
  • -Decreased urban sprawl and the need to build new parking structures

If you are parking asset owner or city planner interested in learning more about how you can benefit from ParkingCarma, visit our Contact Us page and click the Information email.