How does ParkingCarma work?

By leveraging various communication technologies, ParkingCarma provides smart, flexible, and efficient solutions for managing parking resources.

ParkingCarma works by matching parking user's needs with available spaces. Parking lots and other parking asset owners will sign up with ParkingCarma and share their parking space availability. ParkingCarma will then manage this information in a real-time database, constantly monitoring which spaces are in use and which ones are open.

Consumers will Sign Up with ParkingCarma by going online and entering their name and address, some information about their car, and then can begin making reservations online. They will then be assigned a PIN number which will allow them to reserve a parking space hourly, daily, or monthly, via the Internet or by using a phone or wireless device. ParkingCarma will reserve the closest available spot for them and provide detailed directions on how to find it. Users will have the ability to modify or cancel their reservations and check their account balances online and will be billed through their method of choice including credit card or wireless phone bill.

At the heart of ParkingCarma is a sophisticated central database and intelligent matching logic. Using advanced algorithms and applied hardware advances, ParkingCarma optimizes parking solutions based on various parameters specified by parking asset managers. ParkingCarma continuously analyses usage data and can make market-pricing adjustments in real-time. Transactions are compiled for billing purposes and statistical analysis, with the data output configurable for any specific need. The core data-set and engine interface with the web, telephony, and accounting functions through standard APIs, making ParkingCarma a seamless addition to any community or parking situation, regardless of other technologies already in place.

Please contact for additional technical information on ParkingCarma's patented and proprietary architecture and hardware solutions.