The Company

ParkingCarma is pioneering new ground by using technology to improve quality of life and the environment, while solving one of today’s largest metropolitan issues: Parking. SmartParking is the application of information technology to improve parking, thereby mitigating the environmental impact of vehicles. ParkingCarma™ is a patented SmartParking Information Network (SPIN) that enables SmartParking and other services. The network uses wireless sensors and interfaces to gather, organize, analyze, and process parking information from off-street parking facilities, and then distribute it to drivers and local organizations in a convenient, easy-to-use manner.


Launched in 2001, ParkingCarma’s innovative SmartParking technology allows drivers to determine the real-time availability of parking spaces from their cars, homes or offices. Recognizing the need for a parking solution, ParkingCarma brought together a proven team of both community and technological leaders to form ParkingCarma, Inc.


ParkingCarma's vision is to make people’s lives more productive and support sustainable development by improving the experience of finding a place to park from one of uncertainty, frustration and fuel-wasting searching to one of ease and confidence.

Fundamentally, the top 20 US cities face increasing congestion problems because of steady population growth and the lack of property to build additional parking. This makes commuting, going out for an evening, or even finding a parking spot in your own neighborhood more and more frustrating!

ParkingCarma will help improve the quality of life and increase community development and productivity.


CaltransThe California Department of Transportation strives to be the highest performing transportation agency in the country. In pursuit of our mission, we continue to build a talented and diverse team and to strengthen ties with our partners. To keep California moving, we commit ourselves to these goals and values.

California PathCalifornia PATH was established in 1986. It is administered by the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), University of California, Berkeley, in collaboration with Caltrans. PATH is a multi-disciplinary program with staff, faculty and students from universities statewide, and cooperative projects with private industry, state and local agencies, and non-profit institutions.

BartAn analysis by researchers at UC Berkeley shows that without BART, traffic jams from Bay Area bridges would spill back to most of the East Bay and San Francisco street networks.